Reflecting on Salmon…


Wow! To think that 12 weeks ago I considered myself in level 1 of Salmon’s stages of online learning – setting up, welcoming, and experiencing the online learning space for the first time. This was definitely a change to attending lectures and tutorials at university. Who would have thought that I’d be able to start a blog of my own and keep it running consistently for 12 weeks straight. No doubt – it has been enjoyable and refreshing compared to essays and exams.

Looking at this image, I think I have certainly stepped up those stairs during the past weeks but I believe that this is only the beginning. There is always more for me to learn and I hope to continue by adding to this blog throughout my teaching career. In the future, I hope to gain a teacher’s point of view of these learning spaces discussed and experience how it feels to be the developer instead of the learner. The community formed on my PLN isn’t extensive at the moment, but maybe one day it may form a community of interested bloggers who enjoy reading my posts/tweets.

Even though I am completing my online unit, I still look forward to building on my knowledge and blogging all about my teaching practices. Continue to read “SUZY’S LEARNING SPACE” and visit my educational scenario page.