Personal taxonomy

Tax…a…what? Taxonomy – “what is that?” I hear you say… Let me explain:

Taxonomy is the classification of certain concepts or principles in learning. It is a list of categories that are sorted in an order based on learning objectives in education. It focuses on ways of developing higher-order thinking skills when strategies and questions are used during learning.

The order from Bloom’s Taxonomy is cognitive (knowing/head), affective (feeling/heart) and psychomotor (doing/hands). In each of these there are sub-categories that move from lowest-order thinking to higher-order thinking processes (usually represented like a pyramid). Cognitive is commonly the taxonomy implemented in education because students are encouraged to use knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. It helps break down the learning objectives into parts and assists with thinking in different ways to gain perspective.

Here is a diagram of Bloom’s taxonomy:

(Successful Teaching, 2011. Blooms Taxonomy [Image]. Retrieved from

Thinking about my own taxonomy I created the flow chart below. It begins with the learning intention and follows through until I have completed my task and reflected. I developed this as a cycle because I continue to re-evaluate my learning and reflect on everything I have learnt thus far.

(Hennequin, 2013)