Third cultural space

Flag_map_of_Australia_(Aboriginal_Australian_Flag)What is the third cultural space?

It is a learning space where the Aboriginal ways of knowing interconnects with the Western ways of knowing. It aims to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and perspectives within schools to change ways of thinking and build reconciliation for the future.

Teachers and students alike hold their own personal views which include individual beliefs, values and cultural understandings. As teachers, the third cultural space is important for students to learn about because it related to our past and future. Our Australian history is unique and building respect for each other is vital to understand different view points.

By incorporating the 8 Aboriginal ways of learning in the class then there may form a change in cultural thinking. Thus, this third cultural space can begin to develop.

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4 thoughts on “Third cultural space

  1. Suzy your PLN is fantastic.I love the idea of the 3rd Cultural Space – a new concept created by combining two different cultures. It shows acceptance and respect for one another. Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks Ana. I too enjoyed learning about the third cultural space. It would be interesting to see in practice at schools these days. Maybe (and hopefully) one day it would be widespread and a priority area.

      • i have used this concept several times within both a whole school and a classroom environment. It is amazing. I am now working on a PD session for teachers forcusing on using this concept to creat a more inclusive learning environment …. etc….

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