Commenting…replying…still learning


As expected – I have learnt something new about my blog. I realised how to reply to viewers’ comments on my blog posts. I always appreciated the comments that people add to my posts but I thought that I could not reply to them. Little did I know that you can!

So now… try and stop me from NOT replying ­čÖé Just goes to show you that you never know everything and can always learn something new.


Reflecting on Salmon…


Wow! To think that 12 weeks ago I considered myself in┬álevel 1 of Salmon’s stages of online learning – setting up, welcoming, and experiencing the online learning space for the first time. This was definitely a change to attending lectures and tutorials at university. Who would have thought that I’d be able to start a blog of my own and keep it running consistently for 12 weeks straight. No doubt – it has been enjoyable and refreshing compared to essays and exams.

Looking at this image, I think I have certainly stepped up those┬ástairs during the past weeks but I believe that this is only the beginning. There is always more for me to learn and I hope to continue┬áby adding to this blog throughout my teaching career. In the future, I hope to gain a teacher’s point of view of these learning spaces discussed and experience how it feels to be the developer instead of the learner. The community formed on my PLN isn’t extensive at the moment, but maybe one day it┬ámay form a community of interested bloggers who enjoy reading my posts/tweets.

Even though I am completing my online unit, I still look forward to building on my knowledge and blogging all about my teaching practices. Continue to read “SUZY’S LEARNING SPACE” and visit my educational scenario page.

Vote please…

New York Rooftop Farm classroom

This is a website I found about a Manhattan school which has a rooftop greenhouse classroom. I think this is a great example that a rooftop classroom can function in an area that is surrounded by a busy city in need of environmental awareness. The aim to teach children about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) within the framework of sustainability is a great idea in this context. This idea is similar to my design brief for the educational scenario.

Follow this click and watch the video:



I have created a Prezi to explain the different types of learning spaces:
~ the classroom and the school
~ beyond the classroom
~ the electronic learning space
~ the individual learning space
~ the group learning space
~ learning in the 21st century

Click on this link:

Third cultural space

Flag_map_of_Australia_(Aboriginal_Australian_Flag)What is the third cultural space?

It is a learning space where the Aboriginal ways of knowing interconnects with the Western ways of knowing. It aims to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and perspectives within schools to change ways of thinking and build reconciliation for the future.

Teachers and students alike hold their own personal views which include individual beliefs, values and cultural understandings. As teachers, the third cultural space is important for students to learn about because it related to our past and future. Our Australian history is unique and building respect for each other is vital to understand different view points.

By incorporating the 8 Aboriginal ways of learning in the class then there may form a change in cultural thinking. Thus, this third cultural space can begin to develop.

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