Teachers are people

Watching this video makes me think of the classroom as a learning space. It demonstrates the traditional style classroom where children sit in rows and the main focus is the teacher. You can see that the children are so distracted and disengaged with their learning. It also shows how passive students’ learning is in comparison to some of the other learning spaces that are provided these days. There are so many ways teachers can organise a learning space so that students are active in their learning. This video clip isn’t the best example but it does show what teachers have to deal with day-to-day and how important it is to improve our teaching methods. Especially these days, there are so many ways to alter pedagogy to positively impact a classroom. Technologically, teachers are able to facilitate a learning space that enable students to work on electronics and learn in a modern way. Or, teachers could change the layout of the classroom to promote group learning so that students collaborate with their peers. They could even go outside, or to another venue to learn in a different context that is more hands-on. Nevertheless, I think this video is a bit of fun and I love it.

(KetchupToast, 2008. Goofy – Teachers are people [Video]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMdTBep3W9c)


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