As a blogger, it is my role to post entries that suit my interest. I can choose how I post them – text, video, photos etc., what my blog looks like, what my readers can see, and how frequent I want to post. It is a personal decision as to how I want to set up my blog and what comments I would like to be viewed by others.
Not forgetting that as a blogger another role is to make my blog interesting, engaging and educational so that my visitors want to come back and read more.

A visitor’s role in blogs involves viewing entries by the author/s and deciding whether or not it is of personal interest as to whether to continue reading. As a visitor you can read all the posts, a little bit or none at all. If you have a response to a post it is nice to reply with a comment, give criticism, and provide ideas or personal insight on the topic.

(MisterEddie, 2008. Monkey [Image]. Retrieved from


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